Access the Race Management Page

To add a new Race in RaceDay Scoring you’ll need to access the Race Management Page. You can do this by clicking the “Manage Races” button on the start up page.

You can also access the Manage Races page from any screen in RaceDay Scoring by using the Dropdown from the top toolbar.

Create or Import a Race

From the Race Management page you can either Create a new Race from scratch, or import a Race from the integration that you are currently using. Today we only have the RunSignUp integration built out, but in the future we will have others to select from as well. In addition, you can import a Race Export from another RaceDay Scoring setup.

Additionally, you can create a Race automatically from a Race Director export file. This is described here.

Create a Race

The Create a Race function is to be used if you do not have an external race to link to, and need to set this Race up from scratch. You will be asked for some basic information about the Race that you are setting up, and will be given the option to publish to whatever online integration partner you currently have selected (again – for now this is just RunSignUp, but others will be added eventually)

After creating a Race it is added to the Race List. You can click the name of the Race to open it.

Import a Race from RunSignup

You can Import a Race from RunSignup using the “Import a Race Already on RunSignup” button.

After clicking this button you’ll be presented with a date range. Please enter the range of Races that you’d like to pick the Race you’d like to import. Be aware of the years – if you need to import last years participants, you will need to change the year to reflect that.

Next, you’ll need to login with your credentials for RunSignup. Make sure you are logging in with an account that has access to the Race that you are connecting to.

Next, you’ll need to select which Race you’d like to import into RaceDay Scoring.

After importing a Race it is automatically opened for you.

Import a Race from a RaceDay Scoring Race Export File

If you want to transfer a Race file from one computer to another, use the “Export” button in the Race List on the Race Management Page.

This will let you save a .zip file to your computer which you can transfer to another computer and import by using the “Import Race From File” section of the Race Management page.

After importing a Race it is added to the Race List. You can click the name of the Race to open it.