Stream Information

Streams are RaceDay Scoring’s way of connecting to external sources of timing data. This could be a Chip System Middleware TCP/IP stream, or a folder that you are dropping .CSV files into.

Streams can be re-used between Races, so for instance you can set up a standard Stream for “MyLaps – Start” if you always use the same Location Name in MyLaps’ Timing & Scoring software to send reads via TCP/IP.

You can access the Stream Setup by going to the Streams item on the left hand toolbar:

Setting a Default Chip System Type

If you commonly use one Chip System Type, then you can setup Stream Settings so that it is easier to add Streams in the future by only showing Stream Types that are associated with your chosen Default Stream Type.

You can learn how to set this up here.

Add a Stream

To get started click the “Streams” sidebar menu item. Click the “Add Stream” button to begin creating a new Stream for you to use for your Races.

You’ll need to fill in a few fields to set up a new Stream:

  • Stream Name – Something that will identify this Stream for you. Remember that this is re-useable, so something like “IPICO Direct – – Port 10200” for an IPICO direct Stream, or “Today’s Race Files > Start” for a File Stream would make sense.
  • Description – An optional description of this Stream
  • Stream Type– Each Stream Type has additional settings that are specific to it’s configuration. We currently support the following Stream Types.
    • Manual – For manually entering times into RaceDay Scoring.
    • Chronotrack – For importing times from Simple Client or Fusion via a TCP/IP connection on port 61611
    • MyLaps – For importing times from Timing & Scoring via a TCP/IP Exporter on port 3097.
    • Race Result – For importing times from the Race Result Connector on port 3601
    • RFID File – For importing times exported from RFID Server in the “RFID Timing” format. You can adjust the settings if you have customized this output type in RFID Server.
    • RFID Outreach – For importing times from the RFID Outreach system on port 33335
    • RunSignUp Protocol – Eventually for importing times from a standard TCP/IP Protocol that we will develop for other systems looking to quickly integrate with RaceDay Scoring.
    • IPICO File – For importing times from a standard IPICO File format
    • IPICO Direct Connect – For importing times directly off of an IPICO reader which allows an FTP connection.
    • Trident File – For importing times from a standard Trident File
    • Trident Direct Connect – For importing times directly off of a Trident reader which allows an FTP connection.
    • File – For importing times from a custom file format. This can be configured to accept almost any type of custom scoring file output. Use the “Passing Format” field to define the columns of data that you are importing into RaceDay Scoring.
    • Active Timing – For importing times from the Active Timing System on port 61611
  • Advanced Stream Settings – These are not commonly used settings.
    • Custom Gunshot Bib Code – If your system provides a custom code in the place of a Gunshot trigger you can enter it here. It must match exactly what is written into the Bib Code field and is case sensitive
    • Changes All Read Dates To – This is used if you need to change all dates incoming from this Stream to another date. For instance – your decoder date is incorrect and you need to set it to today’s date, change this field to today.
  • Adjust Stream Read Times – This feature allows you add or subtract a defined amount of time from times within a range within a stream. For instance, you are timing a Race and your decoder changes time zone in the middle of the Race. You can tell this Stream to offset the range of times that were collected before the time got updated by whatever offset you need.

Each Stream Type has some additional fields that are specific to that Stream Type. The most important field for Direct Stream Types would be the “Hardware name” field, which is defined differently by each Middleware product. For instance:

  • Chronotrack – ChronoTrack Point Name
  • MyLaps – Timing & Scoring Location Name
  • Race Result – Race Result Source Name
  • RFID – RFID Location Name
  • Active Timing – ActiveTiming Station

Be sure that what you type into your RaceDay Scoring Stream Setup matches exactly what you have set up in your Middleware!

For instance – in Chronotrack Fusion:

Once you have created a more than a couple Streams, you may find the filter on the top bar more handy. This will let you filter your Streams to only those that are Assigned to a Timing Location, Not Assigned to a Timing Location, and by specific Stream Type.

In order to collect times from a Stream that you’ve created, be sure to assign it to a Timing Location using the “Settings” button on a Timing Location.