Go to the Streams page from the Sidebar, then click Add Stream.

Then type in a Stream Name. This should be something you may reuse in the future, so for my example I have a folder that contains some files that were collected on my main finish system and named my Stream "Trident File - Finish - Main"

Next select File for the Stream Type

Next select the File Type. This is to let RaceDay Scoring know what type of chip system file to expect.

Next use the Browse button to select the folder that contains the Files you're collecting reads on.

Pick the folder - mine is named "Finish"

You'll see the Folder Path show:

Click save, and you'll see your new Stream show in your list of Streams. 

Once you have Streams set up you'll need to make sure that you:

  1. Assign Streams to Timing Locations
  2. Begin Collecting Reads for all Streams