Once you have set up a Stream to collect reads on, whether it's a File Type Stream, or a Direct Type Stream, you'll need to assign it to a Timing Location in order to begin collecting reads.

To get started, click the "Timing Locations" menu item on the left hand sidebar:

Next, click "Settings" on the Timing Location that you'd like to assign a Stream to:

Next, click the field under "Main Streams" to assign a Stream to be considered for your reads. You can assign multiple Main Streams to a single Timing Location to consider reads from them equally.

You can additionally assign Backup Streams. Any times that come into Streams that are assigned as a Backup Stream on a Timing Location will only be considered if there is not an instance of that bib or chip passing on a Main Stream assigned to the same Location. 

Once you have your Streams set here, click "Save" to continue on in your Race Setup. 

You can learn how to Begin Collecting Reads here.