You should define a single Timing Location for each physical location where you are collecting times. You can associate multiple Streams with each Timing Location, so you can use multiple sources to collect reads at the same physical location to score your Race.

For instance you may have a chip system as your main method of collecting times at the Finish Line, but you also have a manual backup that you would wish to include at the location to consider.

To get started navigate to the Timing Locations tab, and click “Add Location”

  • Timing Location Information
    • Name – The Name of this physical location. For instance – “Start”, “Finish”, or “Turnaround Split Point”
    • Description – An optional description.
    • Timing Location Type– What type of times are you collecting here? This will determine how RaceDay Scoring select Scored Reads from the Raw Reads coming in from all Streams within this Timing Location
      • Start Only– This Timing Location will only be used for Start Times.
        • Selects the last seen read for each participant.
        • Define when you would like to start collecting reads after
      • Finish or Intermediate Split– This Timing Location is being used for either Finish Times only, or Intermediate Split times.
        • Selects the first seen read in these cases.
        • Define when you would like to start collecting reads after
        • Max Expected Occurrences – for instance, a Race that has participants crossing the Finish Line midway through the Race as a split. In this case you would set this value to “2” and set a Gap Factor of how long RaceDay Scoring should wait to consider an additional Raw Read as the second Scored Read for this Timing Location.
      • Common Start & Finish– This Timing Location is being used for both Starts and Finishes.
        • Allows you to configure both the “Starts Only” settings and “Finish or Intermediate Split” settings. Be sure that you're “Start Collecting Reads Before” and “Start Collecting Reads After” times have enough of a gap between them that it will filter out any reads before the first finisher has finished, and the last starter has gone out.
  • Accept Bibs Between (Optional)
    • You can set a bib range filter to only accept bibs between a defined range.
  • Accept Times Between (Optional)
    • You can set a time range filter to only accept times between a define range.
  • Stream Actions – You can perform multiple actions on all Streams associated with this Location here.
    • Start – If a Stream had been stopped, you can start it using this.
    • Stop – You can stop Streams from passing their reads through to scoring using this.
    • Replay – You can force a Stream to rewind it’s data and replay it through to scoring using this.
    • Clear – Clear all reads
  • Streams
    • You can assign a Stream to this Timing Location at the bottom of the setup page. In order for times to be processed, make sure that you have your associated Streams assigned here.
    • You can assign multiple Main and Backup Streams to a single Timing Location
    • Backup Streams will only pass reads through if there is no read that already exists for a bib or chip on the same Timing Location