Raw Reads are the reads that are picked up from all of your Streams before being filtered and selected as Scored Reads which are used for calculating results.

It is useful to view Raw Reads to help troubleshoot any issues with missing Scored Reads.

To get started, you can click the number in the All Raw Reads box to bring you to the list of all Raw Reads for this Race.

On this page you will be able to view a lot of useful data on your Raw Reads:

Name - The Name of the participant associated with this Raw Read

Chip - The Chipcode for this Raw Read.

Bib - The Bibcode for this Raw Read

Used - Whether or not this particular read was select for scoring

Reason - If this Raw Read was not selected this will give a Reason for it not being selected.

Date - The Date of the Read.

Times - The Time of the Read

Other - Any additional data specific to the Chip System type.

In addition you can filter the data within the Raw Reads List if you need to look for a specific bib number at a specific timing location for instance.