You can edit or override Scored Reads in RaceDay Scoring from the Scored Reads list for a Timing Location. You can access this from the Dashboard or from the Timing Location list as explained here.

Edit a Scored Read

Once you have accessed the Scored Reads List for the Timing Location you'd like to edit times for, you can click the pencil icon next to the specific Scored Read that you'd like to update:

You can use the Name and Bib search to look up the read if you need to:

After clicking the pencil icon, you'll be able to update this read:

You have the option the Lock Scored Read when updating a read. This forces RaceDay Scoring to ignore any reads that come in that may overwrite this read. Use this function if you are confident that this is the official time you want to use, and do not want to consider any others for scoring.

Delete a Scored Read

You can delete a Scored Read by using the "X" Icon in the Scored Read List:

If you need to manually add a time, you can learn how to do so here.