You can manually add Scored Reads to a Timing Location in RaceDay Scoring.

In order to do so you'll need to enter the Scored Read list for the Timing Location you are looking to enter times into.

You can learn how to access the Scored Reads List for a Timing Location here.

Once you have accessed the Scored Reads List for the Timing Location you are manually entering times go, click Actions > Manual Entry.

Use this form to manually type in scored reads. If you enter a scored read that is already in the database, it will overwrite the old record.

You can use the space bar in the bib field to set the current time and jump to the next row. You can also use Alt+2 through Alt+9 to set the current time for the next 2 - 9 rows.

If you plan on using this form as a method of collecting official times, be sure that your computer clock is synced with the clock that you used to start the race (if using one).

If you are entering in Clock or race times into the system instead of the Time of Day for each finisher, use the link here:

Next select the Scored Event that you are collecting Clock Times for:

Then enter in the Clock Times for your finishers:

You'll see that the Timestamp is calculated for you based on the start time for the Scored Event you are entering times in for.

Once you have finished entering in times, be sure to click the Save Reads button.