Navigate to Age Groups using the sidebar:

Pick an Event that you'd like to create a range of Age Groups for:

Select Ranges Insert:

RaceDay Scoring will fill in an example of a common Age Group setup. You can use the right hand column to preview the Age Ranges that your setup will be creating.

Of course you can adjust this to your liking.

Range Size - How 'wide' of bands you will be creating. This is most commonly 5 years or 10 years.

Genders - What type of age ranges will you be creating? Male, Female, or Either? Either means that both Males and Females will be included in the Age Range setup. For instance: 

Starting Age - The age at which you want to start creating ranges.

Ending Age - The age at which you want your ranges to end.

No. Winners - How many award winners should be designated for each age range. You can customize your Age Group Report to include Award Winners Only if needed.

Insert Upper and Lower Age Groups - Would you like to automatically create upper and lower Age Groups to cover the ends of your ranges?

Once you are happy with how you have configured your ranges, click Add Age Ranges. This will add the set of Age Ranges to your Age Groups page. You can now save this by clicking Save.