RaceDay Scoring allows you to configure Top Finisher Categories for each Scored Event in each Report that you have set up.

Top Finisher Categories are overall bands which can be used to call out top finishers based on their age, and remove them from their age groups (or let them double dip).

To set up Top Finisher Categories you need an existing Report (or you can set them up as you build a Report).

In the Report Builder click the Top Finisher Categories toolbar.

Next click the Event that you want to configure Top Finishers for.

This will present a popup that will let you configure multiple categories for this Event in this Report.

Top Finisher Settings

Description - The title of this band

Starting Age - The minimum age required to qualify for this band (0 for open, 40 for Masters, etc...)

Priority - The priority of this band. 1 is the highest, the numbers go up for lower priority bands. IE Masters could be 2, Veterans 3, etc...

Score by Gun Time - Optionally score by Gun Time if the Event is scored by Chip Time

How Many Male/Female Winners?

Define how many males and females should be selected into this band

Use the Double Dipping checkbox to decide if you'd like winners to also win their Age Groups, or be removed from them.

Band Jumping

Jumping rules tell RaceDay Scoring how to manage top finisher bands when a finisher places in two bands at once.

Should they be allowed to "Jump" to the higher priority band if they qualified for it? Or should they double dip?

RaceDay Scoring also supports the ability to define specific rules to define this. Most commonly this would be set in terms of prize money allotted to each position for each band.

Adding another Band

Use the left hand sidebar to add another band, like Masters or Veteran's.