RaceDay Scoring allows you to filter the data that is scored in a Report Section within a Report. What this means is that you can, for instance, have a Report Section within a Report that ranks the top ten finishers who have "Philadelphia" listed as their "City".

To get started select Actions > Edit on an existing Report in your Report List, or build a new Report as described here.

Either way, you'll end up in the Report Builder

Click the expand icon on the Report Section Panel that you wish to Filter, or create a new Report Section as described here.

Next, expand the Participant Data Filters section:

Now click the Add Participant Information Filter button:

Now that you have a new row, you need to select what Field you will be filtering on - like "City".

In my example, I want to include only those who are listed with a city of "Philadelphia", so I enter that into the Value field:

Now when you click Save Report you'll see that this Report Section is filtered to only include those participants whose City is equal to "Philadelphia".

You can use other Fields and Operations to generate any number of custom Report Sections.