RaceDay Scoring allows you to include additional data aside from the standard fields that are always imported, like custom questions, or Emergency Contact information. This is accessible from the Participant Sync page.

You'll see on this page that the default "Participant Fields" are already selected to be imported, and cannot be unselected.

If you'd like to include additional data for use in RaceDay Scoring, use the checkbox in the row of the field you'd like to import:

You can use the default "RaceDay Scoring Field Name" and "RaceDay Scoring Label" if you'd like, or you can customize them to fit your needs.

The RaceDay Scoring Field Name is how RaceDay Scoring will reference this field internally, while the RaceDay Scoring Label will be used as the label for this data when it is shown externally, like a column header if this field is shown in a results print out.

For instance, you can customize a Report to include this field as an additional column as shown here: