If you already have a Race created and opened, or imported from RunSignUp and opened, and you'd like to import Race Definitions from another computer or user, you can use the Import Race Definitions panel in the Race Dashboard. 

This feature allows you to set up a Race on one machine and duplicate that setup on another.

In order to Import a Race Definition File, you'll need to generate a Race Definition Export File from another machine first. You can also export RaceDay Scoring definitions from The Race Director Software.

Once you have acquired a Race Definition Export File which you'd like to import into an existing Race in RaceDay scoring, simply use the Import Race Definitions panel to browse for the Export File you'd like to Import:

Here is a how a standard output file would look:

After picking the file, confirm that you'd like to overwrite your existing setup by clicking Start Import:

After a few moments your new Race Definitions will be loaded.