RaceDay Scoring allows users to import Race Definition Files to automatically configure a Race Setup from an external source.

In this guide we’ll walk through the steps on how to export these definitions from The Race Director and import them into RaceDay Scoring. This will help you get started with learning how RaceDay Scoring is configured, as well as give you the ability to quickly and easily dual score a race with The Race Director and RaceDay Scoring.

This post will be updated with changes as development continues with RaceDay Scoring.

Race Director Setup

  1. If you are importing chip results from text file data, organize your Chip Read data
  2.  Create a folder for each location you need.
  3. Complete your Race Setup in entirety in The Race Director
    1.  Be sure to set up your Divisions, Age groups, and Location/Segment setup
    2.  Within each Timing Location, be sure to set the file location for file imports, or middle-ware location/point names/ip addresses for each.
  4. Make sure you have an existing Race at RunSignUp for this Race.
    1.  You can create a new Race in The Race Director as you have in the past if this Race does not use RunSignUp for results
  5. Go to File > RDS Export This will save a .json file to your computer. 
    1. You can decide here whether or not you'd like to include or exclude participants if it is a non-RSU race.

RaceDay Scoring Setup

  1. Open RaceDay Scoring and import the .json file that you exported from Race Director using the "Import Race From File" option:
  2. From the Participant Sync menu
    1.  Decide if you need any extra information from registration like question responses, then click Start Syncing Participant data will now be automatically synced back and forth between RDS and RSU – no need to manually import or upload data manually.

    1.  Click the “Start Collecting Reads” button to begin bringing reads into RaceDay Scoring
  3. At this time you should see reads on the right sidebar and in the recent reads leader-boards. You can also run reports at this time.