RaceDay Scoring allows you to import and export races from a simple file. This allows you to easily pass race configurations back and forth between different computers. 

You can use this guide to learn how to import a RaceDay Scoring Export File into RaceDay Scoring from the Manage Races List with the assumption that you have not yet set this Race up in RaceDay Scoring on the computer you are importing the file to.

If you already have created the Race in RaceDay Scoring, you can learn how to import a Race Export to an existing RaceDay Scoring Race here

In order to import a Race from a file, you'll first need to have a Race Export File to import. You can learn how to Export a Race here.

Once you have a Race Export File that you'd like to import as a brand new Race in RaceDay Scoring, you first need to navigate to the Manage Races List. You can do this by clicking Select a Race > Manage Races.

Next - use the Import Race From File section to browse for an import the Race Export you have to import:

Here's an example of the standard Race Export naming convention:

After clicking Open you should be placed into the Race you have imported, and receive a confirmation message.