1). Start Up RaceDay Hub on Main Scoring Computer

To get started - on the main computer click the "RaceDay Hub" indicator in the toolbar:

Then set a password:

Then take note of the IP address of this computer. You can get it by hovering over the RaceDay Hub indicator:

Now this computer’s scoring data can be made available to other computers on the same network.

2). Set Up an Overall Report Auto-Save to RaceDay Hub

On your main scoring computer, navigate to Reports

Then select Auto-Save Settings for the Report that you would like to make available on your Results Kiosk:

Now add an Auto-Save for “RaceDay Hub Kiosk”

Then pick how frequently you’d like the Report to Auto-Save to your Results Kiosks > then select Add Stream > Save Settings

Now you’ll be able to access this report on other computers connected to the same network as this computer.

3). Start Up Results Kiosk on Results Kiosk Computer

Now go to your second computer on the network. Click "Results Kiosk"

Enter in the password you created:

Now select the Report that you’d like to display in this Kiosk:

Now you’ll have the option to select one of three different types of display for this Kiosk:

After selecting the Report, you can setup the fields that can be searchable and few other things

These fields control whether or not you want to add search fields for each of these items.

We default to search by name and bib, but you can change them to "Not Searchable" here so they don't show:

Next you have to decide how many rows of results to show per page, how large the font size is, and the "Next Page Timeout" which is how long the system should show a single page of results before automatically going to the next page.

Once happy, click "Show Results” and you will be able to view your Results Kiosk.