When Adding Scored Events, you have the option to setup Groups/Team Scoring for that Scored Event, by clicking the Group Options button.

Next, you need to decide how you would like to score the Groups/Teams within this Scored Event. You can either use Relay or Aggregate Team Scoring. 

Relay Team Scoring assumes that the times for all participants are added up as if they were one participant. Individual members do not complete the full course distance, and the teams are ranked based on the fastest time over the course.

Aggregate Team Scoring assumes that each member completes the full distance of the Event, and provides some additional scoring options like how many members to score through and what data to use to score them.

Once you have set up the scoring options, you will be asked how you would like these rules applied to the Groups/Teams in your Race. If this Race is using RunSignup, all of the Group/Team information should be present in your race immediately, along with any Group Types that this Race has configured.

For the most part you would always select the first option in the following screen, but there are other options available if you would like to only update those Group Types that do not yet have scoring setup in case you made changes to the scoring for some Group Types manually.

After deciding how you would like the Scoring Rules to be applied to your Group Types, you will need to save your Scored Event setup to make these changes.

At this point your Race is ready to go for Team Scoring. 

Now when building reports if you select this Scored Event, you will see two new Report Section Options related to Group Types:

Group Detail will list all members within each team, while Group List will list a single row for each team.