Data Actions are a way to automatically update Participant Data in real time based on some Action Trigger.

To set this up, first go to the Data Actions tab:

And select Add:

First define the type of thing that is causing the change to occur in the Action Trigger section.

Next define the data that should be updated in the Data to Change section.

The most common use is to switch a Participant's Event (Data to Change) based on their read at a given Stream (Action Trigger).

To accomplish this, use the Raw Read Filters section to select the Stream or Streams (using the "in" operation instead of "==") that you would like to drive this Data Action. You could also use the Timestamp filter to only select reads from a Stream over a certain time period.

Next, open up the Raw Read Filters section so you can set up which Stream you want to drive the Event switches from.

In this example, I want to switch reads for all participants (so I do not add a Participant filter) who are read on my CHECK-FILE Stream. 

Next in the Data to Change section, select Event from the Field to Assign to dropdown, and the Event you would like Participants to be switched to from the Value to Assign dropdown.

After saving, all future reads will trigger the Event switches set up here. If you need to, you can recalculate raw reads in order to process any existing data.