To get started click the Reports tab in the sidebar:

Next, click the Build New Report button in the toolbar.

Next, name your Report using the Report Title area, and select the Event that you'd like to create a Pre-Race List for from the Events to Include dropdown. 

Then select the Pre-Race List option from the What Type of Report Section To Add section.

Finally, click Save Report:

Now you can view your Pre-Race Report by clicking the name of the Report in your Reports List:


Like any other Report, you can use the Actions > Edit function to change the columns to display. 

Note: The sorting of the Pre-Race List is determined by the order of the Last and First Name columns. If Last Name is the furthest to the left, it will sort by Last Name. If First Name is furthest to the left, it will sort by First Name.

You can learn more about editing Reports in our Editing Report Sections guides.