If you need to quickly adjust a time for a Participant you can do so in RaceDay Scoring by adding an Adjustment. These can be negative or positive and can be added to any Segment in a Race. You can add any number of Adjustments to a Participant, and if needed you can easily set the number of adjustments of a single time (like if you wanted to give a 1-minute credit for each doughnut eaten - you can set the adjustment to 1 minute and the count to 5).

On the Participant Record, find the Other Fields panel and select Add Adjustment:

Select the amount to adjust, the number of adjustments of that time to make, and Segment to apply the adjustment to:

Be sure to match the required formatting of HH:MM:SS.ss

You can make this value negative to represent a Penalty:

When ready, just save the Participant Record:

You will see that the times in the Reports are adjusted, but the reads themselves are not.

If needed, you can add the Adjustment Columns to your Reports to see what adjustments have been made to each Segment:

You can add a Custom Field for DQ or Penalty Notes that you can include in your reports. You'll be able to edit this field in the participant record in RDS.