Custom fields are local-only fields that you can create, modify, and delete within RaceDay Scoring. The custom fields you create will not be sent to RunSignup, and neither will their responses.

You can use custom fields to set participant information and to view responses within reports and results in the same way as RunSignup custom questions

Adding a Custom Field

Go to Participant Sync > Add Custom Fields

Here you can select what type of Custom Field you would like to add, the label of the field, and whether or not this field should be required.

Once you have selected the settings that you would like, click "Add Custom Fields".

Custom Field Type

There are three Custom Field Types:

1). Custom Field (Most common)

2). Emergency Contact Name

3). Emergency Contact Phone


The Label is a short description of what your Custom Field is housing. For instance, "Category" or "Series Member" may be something you would keep track of.


This setting will make it so that when you are adding Participants you are required to enter something for this Custom Field.

Field Type

The Field Type is used to determine what type of field you want to add.

The options are as follows:

Freeform - An open-ended text field allowing you to type anything you would like into it, with the option to validate the text to make sure it meets some formatting requirement (Phone number, email address, a positive integer, etc..)

Checkbox - Multiple options, where participants can select more than one option at a time

Radio - Multiple options, where participants cannot select more than one option

Select - Similar to Radio, but presented as a dropdown select.

Yes/No - Similar to Radio, but with preset "Yes" and "No" options with no way to add more options

Time - A Time field

Essay - A very long text field.

Custom Fields will show in the Participant Add/Edit screen, and data from these fields can be Add Columns to a Report Section : RaceDay Scoring ( added to reports.