Reports will default to be sorted by either Clock Time or Chip Time depending on what you have set in the Scored Events Setup.

Since version 3.2.1, you can now override the default sort for any Report Section by going to Reports > Actions > Edit > Sorts & Filters. Of course, you can always build a new Report and sort it any way you like as well. 


How To Get Started

FIrst find the Report you want to edit (Or use the Build Report button and add a new Report Section)

Next, open up the "Filters & Sorts" Panel. You will find the "Override Sort" selection in the "Sorting" area that will allow you to select how the system should sort this Report Section. Like other fields, you can type into the select menu to filter the results to help you find what you're looking for.

Multiple Sorts

You can add more than one Sort field which will tell the system how to handle tiebreakers. In this case, if the first sort was by Age, the particiapnts will be sorted by who has the lowest age first. All the participants with the same age will then be sorted by the "Entire Race Clock Time (ms)".

Note: It is important that you always select the "ms" versions of any time fields like this, as the standard time formats will not sort properly! You must use the millisecond version in order for the time sorts to be correct!

Ascending vs. Descending

You can change the direction of the sort (ascending or descending) here. For instance, if you wanted to sort by the highest age first you would uncheck the "Ascending" box for the "Age" field.

And that is all you need!


Please note that you can sort by any field you like, not just the fields that are currently included in the Report that you're working on. This is nice because it allows you to be flexible, but don't forget to add the column to the Report that you are sorting by so it's easier to tell what is being used to sort by.

Sort by specific Segment time

For instance, if I wanted to create a Report that is sorted by who did the fastest 5k split in a 10k, I could do something like this:

1). Remove Clock and Chip Time

2). Add "5k Midway Split Chip Time" (NOT (ms) version so that it is easy to read)

3). Add "5k Midway Split Chip Time (ms)" as the override sort. 

And you would end up with a Report looking like this:

Sort by Age Grade

Sorting by the highest Age Grade percentage is another common use case of custom sorts. Here's how you would set that up:

1). Add "Age Grade" as a column to your Report

2). Add "Age Grade" as the Sort Override

3). Uncheck "Ascending" so that the highest Age Grades are at the top of the report.

That gives you something like this:

Note how the placements are all now based on the split time.