This Operation allows you to consider a collection of other fields, and select the minimum, maximum, or average value of those fields and insert the result into a new field. This could be used for example to create a time field that is the minimum transition time for a Triathlon. This guide will show you how you would go about setting up that field so that you could sort and display it in a  report.

First navigate to the Custom Computed Fields area by going to Scoring > Computed Fields > Add/Edit Custom Fields:

Next click "Add Field"

First we will create a time in milliseconds so that it can be used for sorting purposes. You should set the field name to be something without spaces, but the field label can include spaces.

Next, select "Operation", and select "Minimum" so that we can get the minimum value from some set of other fields. You can use Average or Maximum for other scenarios.

Then click "Add Field" for as many fields as you need to compare/select from.

Now for each field, select "Existing Field" and pick the transition times you are comparing.

Now click "Save Field". 

This field will be in milliseconds, which is needed in order to use as a sort field, but is not great to show in reports. You can set up another field that references this one, but is translated to a human readible time format by following the instructions below.

Click "Add a Field" again. This time name the field accordingly so that you can tell it's not in millisecond format. 

In this case, you will want to select "Existing Field", then search for the field you created in the prior step, then type in "ms2time" in the transformations field to change the time from milliseconds to a standard time format. Then click save field.

You can now add these columns to reports:

And sort by them if needed: