You can create a Report that includes a FinishLynx Report Section when you select “All” Events that will give you the ability to set up a FinishLynx Auto-Save. 

This Auto-Save will export .evt, .ppl, and .sch files automatically as a race is ongoing, so that you can update your FinishLynx software with up to date participant information.

To get started, go to Reports > Build Report

Title the report, then select "All" events.

Next, select "FinishLynx" from the type of Report Section to Add.

Save the Report, then select "FinishLynx Auto-Save Settings"

Here you can customize how frequently to update the file, and where the file should be written. 

Additionally there are some settings around whether or not some files should be created, and whether or not the participants should be grouped by their Scored Event.

Next, click Add Stream.

Finally, click Save Settings.