Timing & Scoring Setup.

First, set up Timing & Scoring so that you have folders set up to configure your Streams to look at.

Select Add Exporter:

Then User Defined File Exporter:

Select the small gear on the newly added exporter:

Ensure that the exporter is set up with Readlite format, and determine where you would like the folders for each Location you have connected to this Exporter to be created under. The other settings are optional, and allow you to decide if you want the file to automatically get updated, and if so at what rate, and whether or not the file should be appended or a new one created with each save. These settings are up to you as RaceDay Scoring will work regardless of how frequently you decide to write to the file or whether all reads are in a single file or multiple files, since we look at the entire folder, not individual files.

Next, select the black Location toolbar, then the user defined file exporter, and you will see a checkbox appear. Select that checkbox to map this exporter to the location.

Now when you pass reads through from your reader files, a folder for each Location that is mapped to this Exporter will be created, and file(s) will be placed into each corresponding folder.

RaceDay Scoring Setup

Go to the Streams page from the Sidebar, then click Add Stream.

Then type in a Stream Name. This should be something you may reuse in the future.

Next select File for the Stream Type

Next select the File Type. This is to let RaceDay Scoring know what type of chip system file to expect. For MyLaps you should select "Readlite" which is the default file type for their middleware.

Next use the Browse button to select the folder that contains the Files you're collecting reads on. MyLaps automatically creates a folder for each Location you have set up in Timing & Scoring.

Next select what type of MyLaps system you're using - BibTag or ProChip.

You can assign this new stream to an existing location here. It is critical to set all read dates to the day of the Race, since MyLaps Readlite format does not include date in the passing data. If you do not set this to the race date, we will assume the read dates are whatever day they were collected, which can cause problems if  you ever need to replay data after the day of the race.

There are more advanced settings below, but 99% of the time they are not used for MyLaps. Leave them set to off unless you have a reason for using them.

Next select the File Type. This is to let RaceDay Scoring know what type of chip system file to expect.