What is a Segment?

Segments are how RaceDay Scoring handles additional timed section of a Race course that are collected in addition to the full distance. These are useful for mid-point splits, multiple lap races, triathlons, or hill-climb competitions in the middle of a longer Race.

When you set up Scored Events RaceDay Scoring will automatically set up a default Entire Race Segment for each Scored Event that you have created. If you'd like to add additional segments, follow the instructions below.

Creating an additional Segment

First - go to the Segment Setup page and Select an Event to add a Segment to

Next click Add a Segment

Configuring a Segment

In order to create a new Segment you'll need to fill in the following information.

Basic Info

First fill in the Name of this Segment. This may be something like "5k", "Bike", or "Hill Climb"

Then fill out the Segment Distances. There are two distances you can fill out here

  1. Segment Distance
  2. Cumulative Distance

Segment Distance is the distance that this individual Segment covers itself. So if you are timing a Triathlon and are creating the Bike Segment, you would enter in the distance covered by bike.

Cumulative Distance is the distance covered up until the end of this segment in entirety. 

For instance in a triathlon if there was a 1 mile swim and a 20 mile bike ride, then for the Bike Segment the Cumulative Distance would be 21 miles and the Segment Distance would be 20 miles. This allows you to report Segment and Cumulative paces in reports.

For each of these distances you'll need to select if they are entered in Miles or Kilometers, then determine what type of pace to use.

Start Point Info

To calculate times for this Segment, you'll need to let RaceDay Scoring know what timing points you will be collecting times at, and which occurrence for each participant to use for the Start and the Finish.

Endpoint Info

Similarly you'll need to set the Endpoint information.

Once you have added this information and are happy with your Segment Setup, use the Save Segments button to save your settings.