RaceDay Scoring allows you to take an existing Report Export and set up an Auto-Save on that Export so that the Report Export will be updated at regular intervals that you can define.

This is found under Reports > Actions > Auto-Save

Assuming that you have already have a Report and have created an Export that has been saved to your computer somewhere, you can get started creating an Auto-Save.

Get started by clicking the Reports tab in the sidebar:

Next, click the Auto-Save option from the Actions Dropdown.

On the next page you'll be able to add in any number of Auto-Saves, which can run on existing Exports.

Next, click the plus button beneath the type of Export that you are Auto-Saving to:

Click the plus sign inside of one of the Export Types to add an Auto-Save for an Export of that type.

Select how often you'd like the export to be saved, and pick the location of the Export that you have already created.

Next, click Add Stream. You'll see the name of the file you are Exporting to in the list:

You can edit this Auto-Save by using the pencil icon, or delete it using the X.

Finally,  click Save Settings to save this setup.

Now you will see on your Race Dashboard that there is an Auto-Save running, which you can pause and start:

You'll also notice that the toolbar will show you how many Reports are currently auto-saving, and whether or not they are running: