RaceDay Scoring uses the Auto-Save Setup to configure online results posting to RunSignUp.

In order to publish results to RunSignUp, you will need a Report that has a single Overall Report Section.

Once you have a Report with a single Overall Report Section, click the Auto-Save button on the Report you'd like to start Auto-Saving to RunSignup.

Next, click the plus button beneath the RunSignup Results option.

Now select how frequently you would like your upload to be run, add/edit the Result Set Title, pick the Scored Event this Result Set should be associated with at RunSignUp, and select a type of pace to display.

Be aware, by default creating a new auto-save will create a new results set at RunSignup. You have the option in this setup to publish to an existing Result Set by selecting it from the "Existing RunSignup Result Set ID dropdown.

If you are testing results, you should probably check the option to disable results notifications. You can always go back and update this when you want to actually publish results.

Next, click Add Stream. After clicking this, click Save Settings.

You can edit this Auto-Save by using the pencil icon, or delete it using the X.

Finally,  click Save Settings to save this setup.

Now you will see on your Race Dashboard that there is an Auto-Save running, which you can pause and start:

You'll also notice that the toolbar will show you how many Reports are currently auto-saving, and whether or not they are running.

You can view the results online using the Live Results Links in the Report view: