Dashboard - Top level view of your Race. View incoming reads and import/export your Race Configurations

Participant Sync - Enable Participant Sync for this Race. Tell RaceDay Scoring to import additional data fields from registration

Participants/Groups - View, add, and edit Participant Data

Streams - Configure Streams of times like a decoder or folder where you are dropping files of times into

Timing Locations - Organize multiple Streams into Timing Locations to collect timing data from multiple sources and filter it down to generate Scored Reads

Scored Events - Most commonly set up as a single Scored Event for each unique distance competed in your Race. Combine multiple registration categories into a single Scored Event. Configure Start Times for each Scored Event.

Segments - Allow for any number of additional timed segments within a Scored Event.

Age Groups - Organize participants in Scored Events into Age Groups based on Gender and Age. Allows Age Group type Report Sections to be added to Reports.

Scoring - Advanced tools to configure scoring. For basics of scoring, see the guide on Scoring here

Reports - View, add, and edit Reports which can include multiple Report Sections. Enable Report Auto-Saving, and publish a report to online results.