What are Corrals?

Sometimes, Participants in the same Scored Event will need to have different Start Times. You can set up a Corral which is a group of Participants who should use a Start Time that is different from their Scored Event Start Time. 

For instance, you may have a simple race with one Scored Event - Marathon that starts at 7 am, but some participants are going to be starting an hour early. You would set the Scored Event Start Time to 7 am, then create a Corral for the Early Start and set the Corral Start Time to 6 am. 

Then you assign Participants to that Corral either automatically by creating a Member Assignment Rule (useful if they answered a Custom Question from RunSignup about doing an Early Start) or manually (either one by one in the Participant View, or importing a spreadsheet of Corral Assignments with bib numbers).

Creating a Corral

First select the Corrals tab on the left, then click Manually Add A Corral:

Next fill out the Corral Name, Start Location, and Start Times, then click Save Corrals.

In this example I'm creating an Early Start Corral for those participants starting at 6 am which will override their 7 am Scored Event Start Time:

Assigning Members to your Corral

You can learn more about Assigning Members to Corrals here