What are Corrals?

Sometimes, Participants in the same Scored Event will need to have different Start Times. You can set up a Corral which is a group of Participants who should use a Start Time that is different from their Scored Event Start Time. 

For instance, you may have a simple race with one Scored Event - Marathon that starts at 7 am, but some participants are going to be starting an hour early. You would set the Scored Event Start Time to 7 am, then create a Corral for the Early Start and set the Corral Start Time to 6 am. 

Then you assign Participants to that Corral either automatically by creating a Member Assignment Rule (useful if they answered a Custom Question from RunSignup about doing an Early Start) or manually (either one by one in the Participant View, or importing a spreadsheet of Corral Assignments with bib numbers).

You can learn more about creating Corrals here.

Assigning Members to your Corral

You can assign Members to a Corral in three main ways:

  • Manually by searching for a Participant and updating their individual Corral Assignment
  • Manually by importing a spreadsheet of Bib Numbers and Corral Assignments for those Bib Numbers
  • Automatically using a Member Assignment Rule

Manually by searching for a Participant and updating their individual Corral Assignment

The most simple method of Corral Member Assignment is to find a Participant in your Race - click into their Participant Record, change their Corral Assignment dropdown, then save their record:

Manually by importing a spreadsheet of Bib Numbers and Corral Assignments for those Bib Numbers

The next method of assigning Corral Members to Corrals is to import those assignments from a spreadsheet.

Maybe you have someone at the Early Start jotting down bib numbers of those 15 or so participants who actually showed up at the start line for the early start. You could type those into a spreadsheet and import them using this function instead of having to manually look for each participant and change their Corral Assignments individually.

To do this go to your Corral setup and click Import Corral Assignments:

Then browse for the file that must include Bib Number and either Corral name or Corral ID.

Here's an example:

After importing this file those Bib Numbers will be immediately placed into the assigned Corral.

Automatically using a Member Auto-Assignment Rule

What are Corral Member Auto-Assignment Rules?

Corral Member Auto-Assignment Rules are useful if you know that Participants who meet certain conditions should always be included in a certain Corral.

For instance - you may have a Custom Question from RunSignup that asks each Participant if they'd like to start early. You can use that data in RaceDay Scoring then set up a Corral Member Auto-Assignment Rule to automatically assign any Participants who answered "Yes" to this question to your Early Start Corral.

Adding a Member Auto-Assignment Rule

First go to your Corral setup and click Member Auto Assignment:

Next you will need to define a rule to select the Participants you would like automatically placed into this Corral.

Select Events

First you'll need to select which Events the Participants can be selected from. It can be any combination of Events and will include all participants for those Events selected. In this case I have only one Event:


Now you will need to setup any Filtering you need to apply  to the group of Participants selected above. For instance you may want all Males regardless of Event between the ages of 1 and 39 in one Corral, while all Females 1 through 39 should be in another.

In my Early Start example, I need to use a Custom Question Response as a way to identify who should be in this Corral. Specifically I want anyone who has answered Yes to the Early Start question:

Because I have not selected any bib, gender, or age filtering above, this setup will include all participants in the Arkansas 20k who selected Yes to the Early Start question I had setup in registration.

Add Additional Member Assignment Rule (Optional)

If you have a more complex set of rules to create you can add additional rules using this button. This will let you say that you would like all participants who selected Yes to the Early Start Question or any participants whos bib number is less than 100 for instance.

Save and Preview Assignments

To double check your work and continue with the assignment, scroll up and click Save and Preview Assignments.

On this page you can preview what Participants your rule has selected without updating their information yet. This way you can adjust as needed.

The first set of toggles allow you to either:

  • Overwrite all existing Corral Assignments
  • Only update Corral Assignments for selected participants who have an existing but different Corral Assignment
  • Only add Corral Assignments for selected participants who do not have Corral Assignments already

In the table below, you can browse through the affected Participants to make sure it looks accurate before using the Continue button to apply this Auto-Assignment Rule.