Connecting to ChronoTrack SimpleClient Software

In order to connect to the SimpleClient software, we need to know two things when setting up Streams in RaceDay Scoring.

  • TCP Port - default is 61611
  • Hostname - default is localhost

Be sure to enable a Direct Socket Out connection, and Activate it using the checkbox shown below. Double check that you have the Hostname and TCP Port set as above.

Setting Chip System Defaults

Go to Streams -> Settings and save the defaults for Chronotrack (or change them based on your needs)

Adding Streams for each SimpleClient Instance (Point)

Now that you've set your default Chronotrack configuration settings like Port and Address, you should create a Stream in RaceDay Scoring for each ChronoTrack Point you are using for this Race.

You can access the Stream Setup by going to the Streams item on the left hand toolbar:

Click the “Add Stream” button to begin creating a new Stream for you to use for your Races.

Now select MyLaps Direct from the Stream Type dropdown:

And fill out the configuration needed. Be sure to set a Name and Point Name

You can find the Point Name under the Event Name in SimpleClient. Be sure that it is an exact match to the Stream Setup in RaceDay Scoring:

It's recommended to set up a Stream in RaceDay Scoring for each commonly used ChronoTrack Point Name you use - like FIN, SPLIT, START, etc... then when you need to use it for the next Race you can just assign that existing Stream and will not have to go through the setup again on that computer.

Once you have these items set you can being collecting reads as described here.

Once you had the Connector Running, SimpleClient should report that is connected as shown here: