By default, the "Splits" column will include cumulative and segment times and paces for all segments that are set up for the Scored Event the report has been created for.

 Usually, for triathlons, they'll just want to see the segment time and pace (how long it took to get through transition, not how long it took to get from the start of the race to the end of transition.)

You can follow these steps to customize what data is displayed in your "Splits" column to better suit Triathlons.

Removing Cumulative Times and Pace Fields

1). Edit the report

2). Open up the column edit area and edit the Splits column with the pencil icon:

3). Hide cumulative time and pace columns:

This will trim the report down from something like this:

To this:

Removing Segment Pace Fields

If you don't care about segment pace either, you could hide that as well.

Displaying Segment Place Fields

Some timers will actually replace the "Splits" field with the "Splits w/ Place" field so you can show their ranking for that segment (who had the fastest transition time).

To do this, remove the existing "Splits" field, and replace it with the "Splits w/ Place" field. You can make the same kind of customizations shown above to hide the cumulative data.