Leaderboards are a great supplementary way to show results on site if you have a big screen monitor or display.

Any report in RaceDay Scoring can be auto-saved as an scrolling HTML file, including Age Group reports and reports with multiple sections.

Display devices do not need RaceDay Scoring installed.

HTML Files can be loaded on any device that has a browser.

Dropbox, Google Drive, or other services can be used to sync these files to other devices easily.


Setting Up HTML Scroll Exports

1). Create The File

There are two steps in setting up HTML Scroll Auto-Saves. 

First you must create the HTML file that you will be auto-saving to, then you must set up an auto-save that points to the file that you’ve created.

Go to Reports > Export > HTML Scroll

After selecting Export > HTML Scroll, you can customize the scroll speed and font size. You can also change this later in the Auto-Save configuration.

Click Save Settings and select the folder that you would like the file to be saved to.

If you are planning on using this on another computer, save to Dropbox or other cloud syncing software.


2). Set up an Auto-Save to that File

Now that you have a file ready you can create a File Auto-Save that points to that file.

To get started, find the report you want to set up an Auto-Save for, and select Auto-Save Settings.

In the Auto-Save Settings, open up the Auto-Save to File panel and select HTML

Once you have added an HTML Auto-Save, you will need to configure it.

  • Auto-Save every X Seconds

  • Set the File path to the file you previously created

  • Enable HTML Scroll

  • Set Scroll Speed

  • Set Font Size

  • Click Add Stream

  • Click Save Settings

  • Navigate to file on computer and open in a browser.

Tips & Tricks

  • Create custom reports specifically designed for leaderboard display.

    • Remove Columns to show only the most important ones so you can make the text size as large as possible.

    • If using Age Group Report, think about limiting to show award winners only.

    • It may be nice to build separate reports for top males/top females.

    • Build a combo Report to show top 10 finishers per event.

    • Edit Report Section Headers to be more descriptive if you are customizing the filters of the report .

  • Test scrolling speed and font size on the device/display you plan on using to make sure it looks good.

    • You don’t want to scroll too fast.

    • Resolutions on different devices and displays have an impact on the actual size of the font.

  • Open-as-popup Chrome Extension is an easy way to remove browser tabs and navigation.

    • Can display windows side by side more cleanly.

    • If only one report per display, full screen mode (F11) works fine.