To import reads from a FinishLynx system into RaceDay Scoring, you would need to set up a FinishLynx File Stream, and point it to a folder containing the .lif file that FinishLynx produces.

If you are looking for information on how to get participant data from RaceDay Scoring into FinishLynx, refer to this guide: Setup FinishLynx Participant Data Auto-Saves (ppl, evt, sch) : RaceDay Scoring (

Go to Streams:

Then add a Stream:

When adding the stream, select File from the Stream Type:

Then from the File stype, select FinishLynx.

Browse for the folder that your FinishLynx system is outputting the lif file to:

Make sure to set the date to be the day of the race (FinishLynx does not include the date in their passing data, so it will be set to the day the reads were collected by default, which may cause issues if you are replaying data after or before the race date).

You may assign the Stream to be used in any number of Timing Locations here, or in the Timing Locations setup.

When ready, you can begin collecting reads by clicking the "Reads" indicator in the top toolbar: