If you have Custom Question Responses that you have pulled down from RunSignup, or Custom Fields that you've added to your Race that you would like to include in the results at RunSignup, the first thing that you'll need to do is to add these Columns to a Report Section

Once the column is in the Report that you plan on publishing to RunSignup, you just need to include this additional field when creating your RunSignup Auto-Save. This can be found under the "Advanced Settings" area:

Be careful about which type you select here, as we will validate to make sure that the format entered meets the expectation. So if you select number >= 0, we will give errors whenever we try to publish results that include something that is negative in one of these fields. The safest bet is to use the arbitrary text option.

Please note that if you already have your Auto-Save set up, you will need to delete the Auto-Save and add a new one that includes these additional fields, as it is not possible to edit these after saving an Auto-Save.