After setting up Duration-Based Lap Scoring, you can begin collecting reads like any other type of event.

With Duration-Based Lap Events, a few things are changed for results display.

First off - you will notice that the top 5 leaderboards display the distance covered by each Participant:

If you click into a name, you can view Lap Details on their Participant Record in the Results panel:

Here you can see details about all of the laps that this Participant has completed. In this case, there were short and long lap options available for Participants to complete that count towards their total distance.

You can also find this information in the Default Reports that are generated for you after saving Scored Events. Go to Reports and you will see Lap Summary Reports generated for each Scored Event that is using Duration-Based Lap Scoring. Like any other Report, you can click the name to view:

You can access the Lap Details pop up from within this Report as well:

You can see that there are Relay Team Lap Summary Reports as well if some of your Scored Events are set up for Relay Team Scoring:

Publishing Results to RunSignup works like any other Report. Once you have set up your Auto-Save to RunSignup, you'll see that results are posted, and Lap Details included in the Individual Results pages at RunSignup.