Prediction Run Scoring allows you to create a Report that ranks Participants based on how close they were to estimating their finish time or pace for that event. This usually relies on Participants answering a Custom Question during the registration process that asks them what time they think they will run, or what pace they think they will do.

Prior to version 3.3.34, you had to set up Cutstom Computed Fields to manually calculate the difference between these times and score based on them, but since then we have added a more simple way to accomplish this scoring.


Enabling Prediction Run Scoring for a Scored Event

To get started, you first need to navigate to the Score Event tab, then select "Yes" under the "Prediction Run" area.


Decided whether the Predicted Field is a Time value or Pace value

Next, you must select whether the Predicted Field is a Time field or a Pace field. 

Note: If scoring based on Pace, The "Pace Display Type" below the Event Distance must be set to Min/Mile. We do not support Prediction Run Scoring for MPH or KPH paces.

Selecting the Custom Question or Custom Field containing the Predicted Field

Next, select the Custom Question that holds this response. This can be a RunSignup Custom Question or a RaceDay Scoring Custom Field.

Note: This field must be a Time Formatted Response. We do not support open ended fields for this feature.

Deciding whether or not you need to split reports by Gender automatically

If you'd like, you can enable the setting to Separate Report Sections by gender, which will automatically apply gender filters to newly created Report Sections of this type, one for each gender selected.

If you select "No" here, it means that participants of all genders will be included in one Report Section.

Building a Prediction Run Report

Now that you have the settings enabled, you can build your Prediction Run Report.

Go to Reports and select Build Report:

Name the Report, then add a Report Section for the Event you want to create this for, and select the button to add a Predicted Time/Pace Report Section to this Report.

If you have the option selected to separate report sections by gender, you will see that you get one section added for each gender you had selected.