Dedicated Announcer Stream?

Is it possible to set up a dedicated Announcer Stream in RDS?  I know I can get an announcer feed from any stream established, but in order to set up a Stream I have to select the type of times collected.  Since I don't really need the times as part of scoring, I am not sure the best thing to do.  

Any suggestions?

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I found a way to do this.  I think it is a "work around", but it does work.  Create a timing point called "Announcer" and establish a stream to it.  In order for RDS to actually connect to and start streaming to the point, you have to add it as a segment.  This will make it show up on your results report, but you can edit the report to remove it.  

I have found a slight lag between the read on the announcer line and the information appearing on the web-based announcer screen.  Depending upon a number of factors (I am sure), I saw between 8 and 20 seconds.  If you position the line sufficiently far enough from the finish line, this may be a good way to have a web-based announcer screen on any device (no software to install...even a Chromebook can do it.    I will be testing more over the coming days / weeks to see how the 'lag' changes.

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