Non Binary Gender

We're still on race director, but I'm thinking we may make the switch to Race Day Scoring pretty soon.

I'd like to know how RDS is planning on implementing non-binary gender.



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Hey Steve!

Most folks are setting up Custom Questions to collect different Gender Options for their Race Registrations as described here: Gender Options – RunSignup Blog

RaceDay Scoring can filter on any custom question from RSU, so if you wanted to create separate Reports filtered by Gender Option that would be possible. It's also possible to include custom questions in the result table instead of the standard Gender field so if you just want to show the custom Gender Option instead of the default, that's possible as well.

It does come down to what the Races you're working with expect, so make sure that you're communicating with your Race Directors about what exactly they expect in the results. We find that some want results split out by Gender, others just want to show that custom gender but not split out categories, so just make sure you check in with them.

Hey Matt - 

I think I'm looking for native support here, irrespective of registration flow (we use an internal platform at NYCRUNS for registration.)

Essentially, I want to import registration data that has a gender choice of M/F/NB and export results data similarly. Natively, I want NB to be equivalent to M and F as far a top finishers and age groups.

Make sense?

Thank You,


Hey Steve,

We aren't planning on that type of change.

Mind if I ask why not? It seems to be a significant societal trend and not one that should be lightly ignored. I can't be the only RD who wants this functionality.

Hey Steve,

I wouldn't say that we're lightly ignoring it - we have many existing customers who are using a custom gender field and are satisfied with how RDS is able to accommodate scoring for those categories.

It's an implementation issue more than anything else. We could update RunSignup's native gender field (RDS relies on matching their architecture, so we couldn't just change RDS without also changing RSU) but it would be a massive undertaking, while opening up the door to us potentially implementing bugs across the platform because we missed updating some feature that relies on gender being one of two options. 

I really, really with it were easier to accomplish, but because of the way the system was built, it would likely be the better half of a year where we get nothing else done, with the potential risk of introducing a bug in existing functionality.

In the meantime, we have a lot of customers already using RDS with a custom gender field for Races that have non-binary participants without issues, and are happy with the results. At the same time we have a backlog of over 500 scoring issues and features that need to get implemented. We could certainly stop development on all of our current projects in order to re-code the registration platform from the ground up for the next 6 months, but it's a really hard ask when we have an existing system that works well enough for our customers.

I guess from my perspective, this isn't a registration problem, but a scoring problem. 

Could you point me at a set of public results where m/f/nb is represented possibly?

Hi Steve,

I guess from my perspective, this isn't a registration problem, but a scoring problem. 

I wish it were simply a scoring issue, but because we are built on a tight integration with RunSignup for our online results posting, it would not be simple to make a change to one and not the other. When we post results to RunSignup, it looks up RunSignup profile data and pulls that in to match with our result data.

Could you point me at a set of public results where m/f/nb is represented possibly?

I'm not sure if this was scoring with RDS, but here's a result set at RSU that was specifically for NB runners.;perpage:100

They didn't decide to include the additional question response as a column, but instead just broke it out into three separate result sheets.

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