Change Reports to Not Allow Category Orphans

Currently, if a category extends past a page break but the category name (for example on age an group report) extends beyond the page, the header for that category will show on one page, and the results for the category on another.

Requesting the page rules be changed so that if a category cannot have at least 1 result after the header, it moves the category header to the next page, so the reports are easier to follow. I can provide some samples/examples if needed.

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Hey Caleb,

This is a known deficiency with Reporting. We have a ton of updates that we plan on doing once we finish a large update to the Reporting system. We're basically rewriting the Reporting system entirely, so we're currently not implementing new features into the old system.

I'll let you know when we have this.

Got it, sounds good! Any idea of the timeline for that process, or is it at this point too large an update to put a timeline to? Just curious.

Hard to say right now - a lot of development time was diverted to virtual features when COVID hit, so we are working at a reduced rate. I would say sometime in August we will start to see some of the improvements that we'll get from the updates.

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