Clock Start Times

Start Times are how RaceDay Scoring determines the "Clock Time" for Participants in Reports. It subtracts the Actual Start Time of Day from the recorded Finish Time for that Participant to generate their Clock Time.

You can assign different Start Times to different groups of Participants in RaceDay Scoring.

Scored Event Start Times

You should always set a Start Time for each Scored Event that you have set up. This will be the main Start Time considered for Participants who are included in that Scored Event. 

Corral Start Times

Sometimes, Participants in the same Scored Event will need to have different Start Times. You can set up a Corral which is a group of Participants who should use a Start Time that is different from their Scored Event Start Time. 

For instance, you may have a simple race with one Scored Event - Marathon that starts at 7 am, but some participants are going to be starting an hour early. You would set the Scored Event Start Time to 7 am, then create a Corral for the Early Start and set the Corral Start Time to 6 am. 

Then you assign Participants to that Corral either automatically by creating a Member Assignment Rule (useful if they answered a Custom Question from RunSignup about doing an Early Start) or manually (either one by one in the Participant View, or importing a spreadsheet of Corral Assignments with bib numbers).

Setting Clock Start Times

You can set start times for Scored Events or Corrals in two ways:

Chip Start Times

Additionally you can collect chip reads at the Start Location for that Scored Event. Collecting Start Times does not change the Clock Time for Participants - that will always be based on the Participant's Scored Event or Corral Start Time. 

Instead, a Chip Time for a Participant is generated by subtracting the time of day of their chip read at the Start Location of their Scored Event from the time of day of their chip read at the Finish Location of their Scored Event.

This Chip Time can be included in Reports alongside Clock Times and other fields as explained in how to Add Information Columns to a Report Section.

You can also change how the order of finishers in Reports should be sorted - by Clock Time or Chip Time as explained in How to Determine Order of Finishers.