Issue with Updating to 3.2.13

There seems to be an issue with the installer from RDS 3.2.13.

I have attempted to update 5 of our laptops. 

All of them have reached 100% on the progress bar, but none of them showed the usual PopUp of about the update complete and closing RDS. 

4 computers have been running the update for 45 minutes. 

I was forced to reboot the 5th for other reasons, but the software update never gave the complete message on that one, either. It seems to be OK, but just thought we should inform you all. 

Before you ask, I have looked for a hidden PopUp window that may have gone under the main window, but no there are none. 

Hey Eric,

We're aware of this and have a fix coming today. For now you can safely force close the app once it's gotten to 100% and when you start it up again it will have the update correctly applied.

Hey Eric,

The fix is now available. Because the bug with the updater is in the current version you have installed now, you will still have the same problem upgrading to the version with the fix. This means that you will still have to force close when updating to 3.2.14, but when we release 3.2.15 next week you'll be back to normal.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

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