RaceDay Scoring Crashes on Launch on MacOS

A fresh download gets this error on launch:


Any ideas?

Hey Chris,

Some of the recent changes to RaceDay Scoring to increase the performance of the product make the Mac version not useable. We don't have any active Mac users so we are going to be eventually phasing it out. Sorry for the inconvenience.

That's a shame. This is (was) the only race timing software package to support MacOS. If you were looking for features that would set this software package apart, this was certainly a big one. I hope your product managers will reconsider.

What sort of things were you working on that irrevocably broke MacOS compatibility?

Hi Chris,

I understand. I'm the product manager for RDS. We have started making major changes to the database to improve performance for large events that will be introduced over 2023. That database structure is not supported by OSX so we would have to build and maintain a separate database platform for OSX vs Windows, and for our small development team it would not be sustainable to do that along with our other big goals for the coming year. We likely will reconsider OSX as a platform in the future when we have implemented all of the features that we are missing from The Race Director software that we eventually need to sunset. At the moment, it's our top priority to ensure that our customers who are using The Race Director currently see RaceDay Scoring as a viable option to migrate to, so that is where our development time is focused.

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