RFID Stream Server question

Hi, I'm in the evaluation phase and I have a question regarding RFID hardware connecting. I read through the help and video explainers and I understand the general concept around creating RFID streams. What I'm looking for is a bit more clarity on what you refer to as the RFID Server that I understand would be what talks to the RFID reader hardware (example Zebra FX7500), and makes the data available as an endpoint for the RFID Stream to read. What is not clear to me is where one gets this RFID Server software. Is this something that comes with RD Scoring software? Is this a 3rd party software? Can you give me an idea of what this RFID Server would be for the Zebra FX series?

Much appreciated,


Hi Marc,

That guide is specifically referring to the RFID Race Timing Systems hardware. The software it mentions is only used for RFID Race Timing Systems hardware, not off the shelf readers like Zebra. 

RFID Race Timing Systems – Most Advanced Open Tag Sports Timing System (rfidtiming.com) 

We do not interface directly with off-the-shelf readers like Motorola/Zebra readers. I have heard of some Timers using Impinj readers and managing to create an export file of the reads that are saved to their computer, which RaceDay Scoring can import using a Custom File Stream definition. As long as you can write out a file that includes at least the time of each read and an identifier (like bib or chip number), we will be able to import it.

Do you have this type of capability with your readers?

Thanks Matt. I haven't selected a reader yet as I'm still evaluating the various open system hardware and software solutions available. Thanks for the info. I'm a software developer, so I can build whatever is needed. I'm just making sure I understand the topology so I don't go building anything that already exists.



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