Couple of Minor Requests

I have started converting from RaceDirector to RaceDayScoring.

With timing my 1st race with RaceDayScoring as primary software this last weekend, There a couple of "minor" things that would be useful/conveinent.

I do realize these may already be on someone's list.

  • Having the Timer Contact info auto popultate in the online results on
  • A direct Announcer Screen function like the Announcer function under "Reports" in RaceDirector. Looking for a continuos connection. Not the 10 to 15 second poll cycle.

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Hey Eric,

We have the issue about results contact email not being included on our list - I'll bump it up in priority. One question for you - do you think this should auto-fill to be whatever email address is used to login to RaceDay Scoring, or should it be the same for all of the Races that your Timer Account works with? Maybe it can be set from the Timer Dashboard - Timer Contact E-Mail?


For the announcer screen - what data would you want to show? Just basics like bib/name/location? Things start to get complicated when you require calculated fields like age group place or place in Event.

I think that would be a good start, but one thing I would like is the ability for multiple email addresses.

Our timer account uses one for contacting, but our actual timers don't share the same email address, we use individual ones. Each person is responsible for their events.

Announcer Screen:

No calculation fields. Just a basic screen for someone to read of participant's names off while they are participating.



Town & State



The specific event they are running (for multi-event races)

(Wish list: the ability to add fun stuff like birthdays, anniversaries, proposals, etc.)

That's interesting - most of time organizations have a central results corrections email inbox for all races they time, but I could see needing both options. Maybe we can make this configurable and let the Timer decide if they want to use a single contact email or whoever is logged in while scoring.

Thanks for the suggestions on the announcer as well - I could see others wanting this but it will take some time to build. For the time being you can always export your RaceDay scoring Race and import the definitions into Race Director and use that as your announcer. That process is explained here:

Matthew, Thank you for the interest and the questions. Had a talk with the owner last night. What about for timer info there’s two email addresses one for contact and one for results? (We can change some things on our end). As for announcer line, I’m already doing the RaceDirector method. Looking forward to the day to have an all in one solution, again.
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